Halloween Pocket Dragons

Halloween Pocket DragonsHalloween Pocket Dragons are Dangerously Delightful!

In the whimsical world of Pocket Dragons, there are many collectible figurines for Halloween!  The little Halloween Pocket Dragons dressed as vampires, goblins, aliens, insects, fairies, and all kinds of costumes, are dangerously delightful.

Delightful because they are adorable.  Dangerous because you are sure to lose you heart to these preciously playful Pocket Dragons!

I personally know how easy these Pocket Dragons are to love.  Our daughter has been collecting them for decades and I will never forget the search for the little guy with the lollipop!

For years, we gave our daughter a new pocket dragon for just about every occasion.  She still treasures her little collection.  Each one holds a special memory and has a special occasion associated with it.

When she left for college and took several with her, I worried about what would happen to her little Pocket Dragon collection on that dangerous college campus.

I am pleased to report, they all survived.


Pocket Dragons Today

Pocket Dragons are no longer produced, but sometimes you can make some really fortunate finds on Amazon.com, Ebay or secondary markets.  Here are a few that I found available when writing this article.  When available, links are provided to the listings if you would like to purchase a Pocket Dragon you see featured here.


Pocket Dragons are Adorable Year Round
But, the Halloween Pocket Dragons are Hauntingly Precious!


First, Bathe Your Gargoyle!

All good little Pocket Dragons know that you must first start with a bath when you are preparing for a fun night of trick or treating.

Of course, many of our little gargoyles will need a bath after frolicking around the neighborhood too!
pocket dragon

The Terrible Trio of Terror Halloween Pocket Dragons

No one could deny these little trick or treaters a bowlful of candy!  Your heart will soar when the little vampire smiles his sweet “fangk” you for sharing your treats!

Pocket Dragon Figurine
Available Only on Secondary Market

This Halloween Pocket Dragon Figurine was sold out long ago and is only available on the secondary market.  May I recommend checking on Ebay periodically if you really want the “Terrible Trio of Terror Pocket Dragon”.  Ebay has new listings added daily by thousands of sellers.  You may also want to try several variations of the name.  I recently found one on Ebay listed as “terror trio Pocket Dragon”.


Halloween Pocket Dragons in Costumes

Add a Halloween Pocket Dragon dressed in your favorite costume to your collection.  Or, perhaps you would prefer to give one of these cuties to your favorite trick or treater as a special Halloween treat. One of my all time favorites happens to be “Jaunty”, but they are all adorable!

 Hopalong Gargoyle Pocket Dragon 02834Check Price Pocket Dragons Frequent Flyer 002876Check Price You Little Clown …. Pocket Dragon 13936Check Price



The Royal Cookie Guard Pocket Dragon

The Royal Cookie Guard takes his job ever so seriously! Not only will he dress for the occasion, but he will proudly stand guard over your treats while you rest. Besides, a little fellow like him couldn’t possibly eat very much! The “Royal Cookie Guard Pocket Dragon” can often be found on eBay.

Royal Cookie Guard Pocket Dragon
Available Only on Secondary Market


Lollipop Pocket Dragon Featured in the Introduction

Halloween Pocket Dragons
Only Available on Secondary Market


Everyone Loves a Little Scary Ghost Story!
(But, not too scary!!!!)



After A Fun Night of Trick or Treating ….. – Friends Gather for Scary Halloween Tales

 Pocket Dragons ** Scary Stories After Bedtime ** 002923Check Price

Gather all of your favorite Pocket Dragons and friends around for the Halloween Haunted House storytime.

This is such a cute figurine with the Pocket Dragons are hiding under the blanket with a flashlight and reading their favorite scary book. There is nothing more fun than telling (or reading) ghost stories on Halloween with a bunch of your friends.


Halloween Pocket Dragon Round-up

Pocket Dragon Round Up
Available Only on Secondary Market

Having only a few Halloween Pocket Dragons, leaves you wishing for more!

There really are not very many new Halloween Pocket Dragons available.  When you find one available for purchase, it will most likely be through a secondary market and previously owned.

No new Pocket Dragons were produced after 2006 and collectors snatched them up whenever or wherever they found them.  If you are fortunate enough to find one that is in pristine condition and still in the box, I would highly recommend buying it immediately.  After all, owning only a few Pocket Dragons, leaves you wishing for more.