Halloween Tote Bags for Trick or Treat

 DII Cotton Halloween Holiday Candy Tote Gift Bag, 15x16x4Check PriceSelecting Halloween trick or treat tote bags is almost as much fun as selecting Halloween costumes! When I was a child we carried either the hard plastic pumpkin tote or a pillowcase. Trick or trick bags have come a long way since those days.

Some of the Halloween trick or treat tote bags available today, are decorative and cute. A truly awesome Halloween accessory. Others are cute, but also have very practical attributes. They may have zippers or glow in the dark.

My daughter used to hang her Halloween tote bag on her closet door knob. It would stay there until all of her candy was gone, which often meant that it would hang there until Thanksgiving. She still doesn’t eat a lot of candy, but she does love decorating for the holidays and the Halloween tote bags are really adorable Halloween decorations.


Adorably Decorative Halloween Tote Bags

 Halloween Face ToteCheck Price

These are really fun monster face totes that would not be scary to for children to look at or to hang in their rooms.

The “Frankenstein” is pleasantly smiling and adorably decorative.

  • Felt Tote
  • Reusable
  • 14″ x 3″ x 16 1/2″
  • 9″ Handle
  • Would Make a Fun Lunch Box for the Day too!


Halloween Totes Used Year Round

 Lego Halloween Bucket BlackCheck Price

Some Halloween Totes can even be used year round, like this Lego Halloween Tote.

All Lego enthusiasts know there are always little pieces, leftovers, extra pieces, etc. that need a holding place or a storage bag until they are needed. I always hated having to seek out one little piece to complete a set. If you have a designated storage spot, like this Halloween tote bag, you need only look one place to find that elusive Lego.


Glow in the Dark Halloween Tote Bags

When our children were really young, we would start trick or treating at dusk and be finished before it was really dark. However, once children are school age, they are out after dark going door to door. If they are out after dark, they really do need glow in the dark accessories like these glow in the dark tote bags.

 Hallmark 13″ Large Halloween Tote Bag (Pumpkins and Ghosts, Boo!)Check Price Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Bag | Washable Canvas Tote Bag | Drawstring Bag for Halloween Candy | SpiderCheck Price Let’s Tote Halloween canvas candy tote bag with handle, ghosts glow in the darkCheck Price