Vintage Halloween Party Invitations

Vintage Halloween Party InvitationsHalloween parties take some planning. I don’t think anyone will disagree with that. So if you like the vintage effect for your party, I have some great invitations to share with you. Vintage makes a great creepy theme for a Halloween party. So have a little ghoulish fun this year.

The Skeletal Effect in Party Invitations

Skeletons are a natural for a Halloween party. That’s why I put them up first. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a Zombie or undead theme to enjoy the world of skeletons. These are some of my favorites for you.

Haunting in the House Invitations

Even if you aren’t planning a haunted house for your Halloween party, the effect of a haunted house in vintage style makes a great look for an invitation. You can make use of a graveyard look for your decor, too. After all, don’t all old haunted houses have their own graveyards?

The simple decorating ideas can be the easiest when you make your own house the vintage haunted effect. Spider webs, creepy cloth, odd lighting and you have set a scene for your Halloween party.

The Vintage Theme for Party Planning

Personally, a vintage look is one that works so well for my parties. Old and creepy are just part of the Halloween fun. When I start off my party planning, I like to look at the invitation choices to get ideas. These can be decorations, color schemes, even the menu choices.

For a vintage look, you can even carry the theme to costumes. The idea of old and vintage works so well for a Halloween party costumes.

There are plenty of themes that can work great for Halloween parties. Everything from formal haunted houses to grinning pumpkins can be turned into a theme. But the vintage theme is one of my favorites. It just makes the planning easier.

Here I have included only a few of the vintage Halloween party invitations for you. However there are plenty more to chose from. So don’t hesitate. Click here to see more of those great choices, then get moving on planning your own party.