How to Set Up a Halloween Inflatable Yard Decoration

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Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations make decorating for Halloween a breeze! Setting up Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations for Halloween is really a very easy and just about anyone can do it!

Steps for Setting up Your Inflatable Halloween Decoration

Carefully unpack and unroll your Inflatable Halloween Decoration.

Spread out your inflatable decoration across your yard before you plug it in. This will prevent the fabric of the decoration from being pulled against the fan and impeding air flow.

Zip the bottom is completely closed


Inflating Your Inflatable Halloween Decoration

The Inflatable Halloween Decorations inflate really fast because it self-inflates in only a few minutes. Once set up in your chosen location, simply plug it in, then stand back and watch your decoration grow!


Finishing your Halloween Inflatable Decoration Set Up

Tightly Tether and stake your yard decoration in place. This will prevent your Inflatable Yard Decoration from blowing over, or even blowing away in a high wind.


Lighted Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations

Because Inflatable Yard Decorations are often lit from the inside, there is no need for spot lights, which makes your Halloween decorations a bit safer for little trick or treaters who are bound to run through your yard in their excitement to get to your door and receive a treat.


Storing Inflatable Decorations

Because they are inflatable, they are also very easy to store. When Halloween is over, simply deflate your Halloween Inflatable and store the compact decoration in a box.


Have A Safe and Happy Halloween!