Halloween Party Games for Children

Halloween Party Games for ChildrenHalloween Games for the Kids

Whether you are planning a Halloween carnival or a Halloween party for children, these Halloween games for children are awesome game selections for kids.

Many parents are searching for a fun alternative for door to door trick or treating.  Hosting a Halloween party for the neighborhood children and friends is the perfect solution.  Planning games and activities doesn’t have to hard.  The games featured in this article are all the traditional games with a Halloween twist.

These Halloween games will help you host a successful, fun and safe Halloween party for children.

The children are sure to have a great time!


Popular Halloween Game for Children – Bean Bag Games are Always Extremely Popular!

The bean bag toss games are always fun and depending on your choice of games, some can even be a bit of a challenge.

Kids love to compete with one another.  The bean bag boards that have points associated with the holes, are the perfect way for kids to compete for points either individually, or as teams.


Halloween Party Games

Bean Bag Toss Games

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Highest Rated Halloween Games for Children

Everybody loves the Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game!  This is a great Halloween twist on that traditional and fun game.

Children of all ages can enjoy a game of pin the nose on the pumpkin.

When you are planning a large carnival or festival, it is important to have games the even the toddlers can play.  With only a little bit of assistance, even a toddler can play pin the nose on the pumpkin.  They are sure to be delighted with the pumpkin face they create.


Pin The Nose on the Pumpkin

 Pumpkin Game (mask & 12 noses included) Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)Check Price

There are a few other variations of this game available which include a different PIN the NOSE on the PUMPKIN or Pin the SMILE on the SKELETON!.  Either of these would be equally as much fun.  If you are having a large party, you may want to display all of them, just in separate locations around the party room so the playing groups will be more spread out and have plenty of room to stand around and wait their turn to “pin” their chosen “victim”.

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Harmless Darts and Bingo Games


Halloween Dart Board Game for Children – Velcro Dart Board includes Cotton Balls to Toss instead of darts!

Everyone loves a game of darts, but it is no fun at all if you have to worry that someone will be hurt.  Certainly a standard dart board game with real darts would not be appropriate for a children’s Halloween party.  Thankfully, this harmless dart board game is available.

This is a dart board game anyone could play without fear of injury and parents won’t have to worry that any child attending the Halloween party will be “armed” with a dangerous weapon.

 Ghost Dart Board with Sticky Balls for Halloween, Spliceable Dart Board Kit Misc Games Halloween ToyCheck Price


Halloween Bingo Games

Everybody loves Bingo!  The Halloween Bingo cards simply make these sets more theme oriented with Frankenstein, pumpkins, black cats, bats, spiders, ghosts, witches, skeletons, haunted houses and more.

Choose you favorite Bingo game set below and start calling that game today!

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Inflatable Spider Ring Toss Game

A delightfully fun and Halloween appropriate ring toss game that includes a large 24″ tall spider and 4 rings to toss at his “legs”.  This game can be displayed indoors or outdoors and is safe for smaller children, as well as fun for everyone.

The spider legs are numbered if you desire to play for points.  You will need to set a standing or throw line with tape before the party begins if you will be keeping score or playing for prizes.  I recommend masking tape, but I have also used the blue painters tape which will not damage a gym or hardwood floor.  The blue painters tape does not leave behind a sticky residue.

 Inflatable Spider Ring Toss GameCheck Price


Bone Bender Game – A Halloween Twist on Twister!

Just like the original Twister game, this game includes a plastic floor mat with different images in each square.  Simply spin the spinner (which is included) to see where your hands and feet should be placed.

This can certainly be an “entangling” game so the players should all be approximately the same size and age.  Again, we wouldn’t want a small child to be hurt and it is possible, if not probable, that the players will collapse on each other as they try to stretch and move their limbs into place.

 Bone Bender Halloween GameCheck Price


Halloween Games for Children

At every carnival or Halloween party, there seems to be a waiting time for something.  Children do not do “waiting” very well and frankly, sometimes the parents don’t either.

It is in those moments when they are sitting and waiting for food to be served or for their parents to pick them up, you will be glad to have these fun puzzle and game pads on hand.  While it is true, today’s children seem to have plenty of handheld video devices and games, they still seem to enjoy the old fashioned paper puzzle or connect the dots game completed with a pencil.

These fun pads include games, mazes, hidden pictures, puzzles and connect the dots.  Oh, and be sure to have a supply of pencils available to pass out to your guests.  No one would want to leave the party to go in search of a pencil.  If you purchase Halloween decorated pencils, they also make a great party souvenir that the children can take home with them and use later at school or doing their homework.  The pencils would be a great reminder of a wonderful Halloween party.

I purchased several dozen of the Halloween pencils for a carnival years ago.  They were such a tremendous hit with the students, that I ran out before the carnival was over.  The following year I purchased twice as many.  I still have 3 stored away in my own little box of memories.  I haven’t ever sharpened them, but perhaps someday I will, but for now, I enjoy having my little memento of the years I spent organizing the school Halloween carnivals.

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Be Sure to Take Lots of Pictures

My children are now grown so I know just how much parents treasure the Halloween photos of their children.  We always think we will remember the parties, but when I look at the photos, I am reminded of that years costume, the people in attendance and the many crazy things that we just happened to catch on film.

If you are planning a party or festival, it would be the perfect favor or charity fund raiser to take photos of each child.  For a fund raiser, make sure you charge enough for the individual photos that you cover the cost of developing the pictures, as well as the cost for any props.  In today’s modern technology, it is even possible to set up a laptop and printer, or even a sd card reading printer that will print your photos immediately.

You may elect to take pictures of the children in their costumes, but it has been my experience that there are always children who show up for festivals and parties without a costume, but they would still like a photo to commemorate the fun.

The props shown below would be perfect for those photos.

Halloween Photo Fun! – Cardboard Props with Face Hole Cut Out for the Photo Op!

 Horror Night Face in Hole Backdrop 5 x 3.3 ft, Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Ghosts Skeletons Face Cutout Photo PropsCheck Price Witch Photo Prop Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)Check Price Mocsicka Pumpkin Store Backdrop for Photography Halloween Pumpkin Shop Front Door Photography BackgroundCheck Price


I also recommend being prepared to take group photos.  Invariably, there will be groups of friends or families who will desire a group photo.

Set up a nice background in advance or pre-select a decorated spot that will accommodate groups for photos.  Hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and gourds not only make beautiful party decorations, but the make the perfect Halloween photo scene.  The hay bales can even be used for seating to help get everyone into the picture.


Halloween Bubbles

There are always younger children in attendance who are not quite old enough or coordinated well enough to play the toss games or throwing games featured above.  That is always so very frustrating for them, they parents and the hosts.

Be sure to have a supply of Halloween bubbles on hand so they will have a little bit of fun too.  After all, everybody loves blowing bubbles and it doesn’t require a good aim or an eye for the target.

Halloween bubbles also make a great party favor for any age.   Perhaps I should warn you now, it seems like the fathers in attendance enjoy blowing the bubbles as much as any of the children.  I have seen several bubble size competitions break out between the fathers, much to the pleasure and enjoyment of all of the observers, especially the little children who want to pop their daddy’s bubbles.

Halloween Bubbles for Everyone!

 Rhode Island Novelty 2.75″ Assorted Halloween Bubbles Package of 24Check Price


Books for Planning Party and Carnival Games

I have offered a lot of fast and easy suggestions for Halloween party games for children. However, I do recognize party and carnival originators are always looking for additional easy set up games to include when they are preparing for large groups of varied ages.  They are also most often having to work with a very limited budget and needs games they can make or put together with very little cash outlay.  These books offer a ton of game suggestions and activities for a Children’s Halloween party.

These books would be the perfect aid for the festival coordinator or youth director who is planning the event.

 Games Galore for Children’s Parties and More: Fun Games and Activities for Parties, Classrooms, Youth Groups, Carnivals, Company Picnics, Rainy DaysCheck Price School Carnival Guide: How to Run a School Carnival for Fun and Profit by Mr Jack Corcoran (2011-08-26)Check Price