Halloween Baby Shower Invitations

Baby-Halloween-Costumes-MonWhen Halloween and the baby shower coincide, it’s time for one of these ghoulishly adorable Halloween baby shower invitations. Unique, charming and cutely perfect to celebrate the later arrival of the new little one.

Boo Themes for the Party

Planning any party is so much easier when you start with a theme. And Halloween makes a great theme for a party. Definitely a unique theme when you are planning a baby shower. Maybe the parents-to-be love Halloween, maybe they are Goth-type people, even a Steampunk loving parent will appreciate a Halloween themed baby shower.

Planning is easy when you start with a theme like Halloween. But go further using the invitation of your choice to find decorating ideas even menu choices.

Halloween Baby Shower Invitations


Halloween has so many options for styles to work with. Just playing with the color scheme of orange and black can make a great shower style. Ghouls, costumes and creepy cloth aren’t necessary. Fun Halloween styles work great with smiling pumpkins, happy spiders and baby monsters. And let’s not forget the Victorian era classic style. This era led to both the Goth and the Steampunk looks that are popular.

Easy Customized Invitations

My invitations for every party come from Zazzle.com. Besides the amazing number of unique and unusual choices, it’s so easy to complete all the party details right online. The drudgery of fill-in-the-blanks over and over is gone. You can pick the paper style and envelope style as well. Plus, and here’s a great plus, there is no minimum quantity. Choose only the number of invitations you need for your baby shower. No bunch of leftover extras to waste.

The invitations are top quality, but without the typical expensive price tag to go with it. My party invitations always get numerous compliments and lots of “where did you get them” questions.

Baby Shower Planning Made Easier

If you need ideas for that Halloween baby shower, take a look at the invitation choices. When you pick your favorites, you know you already have ideas in place for the style, color scheme and even decorating. The invite designers give you all of that just in the look of the images and colors.

So fear planning no longer. Enjoy putting together that fun Halloween baby shower then sit back and let the compliments come in.