Capes and Cloaks for Halloween

Capes for HalloweenCapes are the Perfect Coat for Halloween

Capes or cloaks are the perfect coats for Halloween!  Capes will cover and protect most costumes while keeping you warm.  Even if they are not part of your costume, they are wonderful coats for a cold Halloween night.

Capes and cloaks are often associated with hiding and covering up.  That is exactly what we would want to do on Halloween.  Hide our costumes until we are ready to reveal them or cover up in order to protect our costumes until we have reached our destination.

They really don’t have to be sinister, but how appropriate that is on Halloween regardless.


My Personal Favorite ~ The Black Velvet Cape – Cape for Halloween

Black Cape

The Black Velvet Cape

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My personal favorite has always been a lined, black velvet cape.  It is definitely appropriate for most Halloween costumes.

I actually own several black capes and I really do find them the best coats to wear over a costume since they will most certainly keep you warm, as well as cover the costume.  I love the mystery of being able to “cloak” my costume until I am ready for the unveiling at the time I enter the party.

I enjoy having different lining colors too.  My selection for Halloween, or any given evening, depends on my costume or evening attire.


Most Popular Cape for Halloween

This is a lighter weight cape that is extremely popular.  This cape is most often the choice when dressing as a vampire for Halloween. It is also a better choice for those milder years when it doesn’t get quite so cold.

This Halloween cape makes a great addition to your costume or used to simply cover your costume until you are ready to reveal it.

 Rubie’s Costume Long Satin Cape,Black/Red,One Size CostumeCheck Price


White Cape for Halloween – White Halloween Cape

The white cape for Halloween may be most associated with a ghost costume, but is truly appropriate for a princess costume or paired with long white gloves for any royal style costume.

This short cape design in available in several colors. These capes are not very expensive at all, which makes them even more attractive.

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Sequin Capes for Halloween – Halloween Capes

 52″ Silver Sequin Black CapeCheck Price

The sequin trimmed cape is another very regal look.  This Halloween cape would be appropriate for the queen from our favorite fairy tales or perhaps a magician!

The black cape is trimmed with silver sequins and, when it is available, the red cape is trimmed with black sequins.


Make Your Own Halloween Cape

I have made several Halloween capes over the years.  Most of mine are fairly elaborate creations with caplets, lining or special designs and trims.  However, a simple cape with a draw string tie at the neck is really not very hard to make yourself, even if you are not a seamstress.

Here are a few videos that show different ways that you can make your own cape.  These are really awesome references if you find yourself needing a cape quickly and you don’t have time to shop.

How to Make a Halloween Cape







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