Fun Halloween Earrings

Halloween EarringsAccessorize with Halloween Earrings for Halloween

Dressing for Halloween is always a lot of fun!  It is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to dress a bit out of the ordinary and wear some really wild costumes.

Unfortunately, not all offices and schools allow us to wear Halloween costumes, but we can still embrace the holiday and fun by wearing Halloween jewelry.  Halloween earrings are a great way to accessorize any outfit for Halloween.

If necessary, the Halloween earrings are easy to cover or remove temporarily.

Here are some Halloween earrings that would be really fun to wear.  Some are creepy, and some are beautiful.  I think you will find something here for everyone and hopefully something that will suit your needs.

Spider Earrings

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Let’s start with the creepy crawlers shown in the introduction!

Most likely these spider earrings would not be allowed at work or school, but they sure would be a lot of fun to wear wherever we could.

They are sure to attract a lot of attention, especially if you wear you hair up like the model.  I know they would simply freak out a lot of people and isn’t the often part of our best Halloween fun.

These earrings are for pierced ears and the spiders hang almost to your shoulders.  As you would most likely expect from viewing the photo, these spiders earrings are heavy.  I recommend wearing earring stabilizers to help keep them securely in place.



Dark Gothic Bat Earrings

 Dark Gothic Bat EarringsCheck Price

Bats are just so much fun to wear as a Halloween accessory!

I have always wondered why people are so freaked out by the sight of a bat, but they are, and these bat earrings are sure to draw attention.

The base of these earrings is surgical steel and they are hypoallergenic.

The bats themselves are pewter metal and they are each 1 1/2″ wide to make them more visible than a smaller post earring.  Plus, dangling gives the illusion of flying.



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Sparkling Pumpkin Earrings

Pumpkins are not only appropriate for Halloween, but they can be worn throughout the Autumn and harvest season.

These earrings should be acceptable to wear just about anywhere and still allow us to celebrate Halloween in a small way, even at work.

These particular earrings are rather pretty instead of spooky or eerie.

The Sparkling Pumpkin earrings are obviously for pierced ears.  They are approximately ½” in diameter


Skeletons and Skull Earrings

Skulls, skeletons and dangling body parts are always part of the neighborhood decorations.  Why not wear them too!

Skulls are extremely popular apparel anytime, but especially for Halloween.  The skeletons and dangling body parts might well be more appropriate for Halloween than any other time, but they sure are fun to wear and scare those around us.

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The featured Skull earrings are sterling silver that is rhodium-plated for tarnish resistance.  The skulls are accented with cubic zirconia.  They are approximately ½” in diameter.

The 2″ long pewter skeleton is jointed so it dangles and moves, which is a really cool effect.  I also like the way the head goes in front of you earlobe, while the body hangs behind your ear.  The earring is sold singularly, so if you desire a pair, you would need to purchase two.

At nearly 1½”, the featured skeleton hands are really bone-chilling and awesome to wear!


Ghosts, Witches and Black Cat Earrings for Halloween

Bring along a bit of magic throughout the Halloween season with black cats and witches.  Or “spook” your friends with your ghost earrings.

Black cats are always beautiful, but they are especially popular during Halloween.  Ghosts and witches have been the standard symbols for Halloween for ages.

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Wearing Halloween Earrings

I love wearing Halloween Earring!

The hardest part is trying to decide if I want to wear creepy Halloween earrings, spooky Halloween earrings, or cute Halloween earrings.  Fortunately, I celebrate Halloween for more that just one night!

Of course, these raven earrings could be worn anytime of the year, but they seem especially appropriate at Halloween.  I don’t know if we should blame Edgar Allan Poe or Alfred Hitchcock for the association, but ravens are decidedly appropriate apparel for Halloween.